‘Joyful is the person who finds wisdom, the one who gains understanding.’ Proverbs 3:13



It never fails when you are in a hurry it is the little things that slow you down.

One evening I came home and had turned on the overhead light in my car to unload groceries, kids, and other thing that had collected in the car that day.

In my hurry to get in and start dinner I forgot to turn off the light.

Of course the next morning the battery was dead and I was delayed getting my day started.

If I would have slowed down and taken time to notice the little things, like the light, the delay and the frustration, could have been avoided.

Small problems or sins in life that are overlooked can grow into bigger problems and can threaten the peace in your life.

Those of us with children have probably experienced this.

Your kids start out telling ‘little lies.’

Before you know it you cannot believe anything they are saying.

This is just human nature.

If we are left unchecked in the little sins in our lives they will just get bigger and cause a rift in our relationship with God.

Just like the light I left on in my car that drained the battery, the sins in our life will drain the peace we have in God.

These sins will grow and cause frustration not only in our lives but in relationships around us.

As soon as we notice, and God pricks our conscience about a sin, we should take care of it right away.

Ask God for forgiveness and be extra careful in that area of our lives.

Does this mean we won’t make that same mistake again?


I will probably, at some point, leave a light on in the car again and drain the battery.

That doesn’t mean I just stop driving the car.

It just means I try to avoid frustration and move on with my day.

Just like with those ‘little’ sins.

Take care of them between you and God.

Ask forgiveness.

Move on more carefully in your life.

God loves us and will always want that relationship with us.

Don’t let the little things drain that relationship with him.


Dear God, thank you for your constant love for me.

Forgive me of my sins.

Don’t let the little things sneak into my life that will drain my relationship with you.



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